Mobile LiveSide, attempted (beta)

livesidemofuse One thing Community Server (or Windows Live) decidedly does not provide is any kind of usable mobile solution.  Our pal Nick Brown set us up a mobile page, and it works for what it is, a quick look at the home page, but reading posts on LiveSide from a mobile device is a pain.  Since acquiring a T-Mobile Shadow, this has been even more apparent to me, and when we got an email the other day from a Softie who was unhappy he couldn’t read LiveSide on his phone, well time to go to work.

Surprisingly, there just isn’t anything out there for Community Server, but I came across a Web 2.0 startup beta, kinda scared of that, but it looked promising enough to try.  One of the best things about Microsoft and Windows Live is that you know they are going to be around for a while, and they’re definitely not going to be swallowed up by some bigger company anytime soon.  Microsoft are swallowers, not swallowees, and that’s why we like them.

So anyway the service, called MoFuse – for Mobile Fusion, developed by SwiftBlue, isn’t perfect, but I’ve been trying it out and it looks pretty good so far.  What I’ve done is created an account (I opted for the $6/mo Professional account, but there is a free version), plugged in our FeedBurner link, uploaded a logo, configured something called AdMob for the ads (and yes there are some ads.  Ads run the world now.  Ads are the new rice.), set a cname on our dns service to pointing to (which is going to take a couple days to propagate), and that’s about it.

There are some decided limitations (this service is after all in beta).  The links in our posts don’t carry through, for example.  But it looks nice enough on my phone, it seems pretty snappy, it resizes the pictures rather than just leaving them out, and if AdMob really is an ad mob, we should be able to pay back the $6 a month.

ReadWriteWeb is using MoFuse and they reviewed them last fall (MoFuse is now in public, not private beta).  We really appreciate there being something to allow us to provide some sort of usable mobile service.  They are in beta, however, and so are we with this service, so no guarantees just yet.

  • Once the dns propogates, you will be able (hopefully) to reach us on your mobile device at
  • can try it out now at  (you’ll get the phone emulator pictured from a pc, or try it on your phone)
  • Our original mobile page is still at /mobile – so we have some kind of a backup

So now we’re using NewsGator, and FeedDemon, and MoFuse, and AdMobs.  Aren’t we all just Web 2.0!  Sheesh next we’ll be moving to the Valley, or changing our name to LiveSidR, or something.