Yahoo Messenger featured on Analysts Meeting slide

Certainly there are some gems specific to Windows Live in the thought of a Yahoo! acquisition; Flickr, of course (and some Flickr users are none too happy about that), and the sheer numbers of eyeballs a combination of Mail and Messenger clients Yahoo! would bring to Windows Live is another.  One very interesting circumstance that springs to mind is Yahoo!’s work on a new Messenger concept: Yahoo Messenger for Vista.  That Yahoo! has a product in full development that utilizes the best of Windows Vista and WPF, and Microsoft and Windows Live don’t, has been curious, to say the least.  Well, and of course this has no bearing on any knowledge of any plans for the Yahoo! product, but it sure is interesting to see it featured in one of the PowerPoint Slides from yesterday’s Analyst’s meeting:

yahoo slide1 yahoo slide2

Does it mean anything specific? Of course not.  Is it at least worthy of comment that whoever put together the slides knew enough about Yahoo! Messenger for Vista to feature it in a slide presented by Steve Ballmer?  Hmmm, interesting.

You can watch a little video on Yahoo! Messenger for Vista,

or try it for yourself.