Yahoo! snags exclusive T-Mobile search rights in Europe

yahoopressroom Hoo boy another press release (via BetaNews)! This time it’s Yahoo! announcing an exclusive deal with T-Mobile in Europe to use Yahoo! oneSearch as its exclusive search provider.  While of course this fits into the realm of Windows Live news by way of the "elephant in the room", it is also good news for Windows Live fans in that it snatches some significant business away from Google, who had been providing search to T-Mobile in the 11 European markets to millions of users.  From the press release:

This announcement builds on the steady stream of Yahoo! oneSearch partnerships announced over the course of the last 13 months. In early 2007, Yahoo! reinvented the mobile search experience with the introduction of Yahoo! oneSearch, a search experience specifically designed for the mobile phone that delivers relevant results and instant answers in a user-friendly interface, removing the need for consumers to navigate through a sea of PC Web links. Since introducing Yahoo! oneSearch, Yahoo! has announced partnership agreements with more than 29 leading mobile operators and more than 600 million mobile subscribers around the world.

In an interesting sidelight, Valleywag is reporting on Jerry Wang’s "secret plan" to revamp Yahoo!, which may be finding Yahoo! making significant progress only to hand it over to Microsoft:

Microsoft’s bid came at a bad time for Yang, since some of the projects are bearing fruit and he had hoped to launch them as soon as this month. For Yang, it’s a big bet — his own version of Panama, the massive project to revamp Yahoo’s ad platform. Of course, that doesn’t bode well for Yang’s efforts, since the delays in Panama were one of the factors that depressed Yahoo’s stock price, opening the door for Microsoft.

Yang may well be overoptimistic. But his enthusiasm for Yahoo’s secret technology has to factor into his thinking. Will a new developer platform really make Yahoo worth $40 a share overnight? Unlikely. But Yang must believe that what Yahoo has created in the last four months is worth more than Microsoft’s dealmakers counted on.