Windows and Online Services get closer on Valentine’s Day with Microsoft reorg

Its been a while coming, but the latest Microsoft re-org has now been announced after several weeks of speculation. That’s not to say the earlier stories weren’t correct though, as Steve Berkowitz will be leaving Microsoft later this year.

The big change is over on the marketing side of the house, with Bill Veghte becoming head of both Windows and Online Services marketing (MSN + Windows Live). If you didn’t appreciate already how close these areas are becoming, with the $300m central marketing blitz we’ve talked about previously and of course the Windows 7 leaks, then this is a great reminder.

The actual engineering / product development execs shows less movement. Our 2nd favourite Microsoft Exec Steven Sinofsky is still head of Windows and Windows Live. Satya Nadella expands his role, and now adds MSN development to that of search and advertising.

To wrap it up, Scott Guthrie of Mix and Silverlight demoes gets a promotion and heads up the .Net Developer platform, making him “responsible for delivering Microsoft Visual Studio developer tools and Microsoft .NET Framework technologies for building client and Web applications.”

Here’s the Microsoft press release. Best not to try and understand how this could possibly fit in with the Yahoo acquisition, that will just make your head hurt!