Windows Live Developer Program for Mobile Announced

msnmobile The Windows Live team has announced a structured mobile developer program that provides access to Live services in order to build rich and interactive, connected applications. This program is open to ISV (Independent Software Vendors), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers, like HP, HTC etc) and Mobile Operators.

More about the program:

Joining the Program – Joining the developer program is available at no charge. The developer must complete an application form, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and sign a non-negotiable Client Developer Agreement.

Developing Solutions – This program will provide the developer with the help they need to develop Windows Live for mobile solutions by providing:

  • Information – User experience documentation, naming strings, etc.
  • Training – Detailed training on the Microsoft Mobile Services Protocol
  • Support – E-mail support for developer questions
  • Testing Information – Test cases, certification details, etc.

Certifying Solutions – Microsoft has minimum quality standards that must be met before Developers and Operators may deploy Windows Live for mobile Solutions. Microsoft provides those standards and test cases in advance, so Developers know the quality bar that must be met.
Deploying Solutions – Developers may only deploy their Windows Live for mobile solutions with Mobile Operators that have a direct contractual relationship with Microsoft. Additionally, not all markets are currently being supported with deployments. Here is a list of markets (subject to change without notice):

  • Americas – Brazil, Mexico, Canada, USA.
  • Europe – UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium.
  • Asia/Pacific – Taiwan, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia.

Monetizing Your Solutions – The Developer and Microsoft do not have any financial commitments to each other. Companies that join the Windows Live Developer Program for mobile are authorized to develop Windows Live branded solutions and may distribute Certified Solutions with Mobile Operators who have a direct contractual relationship with Microsoft. Developers must work with the Mobile Operators to determine the method in which you would like to monetize your solutions.

Hopefully this will see more Windows Live applications on more mobile platforms.

Thanks to Loke for the tip.

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