Spaces v13 released: Hey Spaces team – blogging, ever hear of it?

News is filtering out that a new version of Spaces has been released, apparently last week, on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14).  Our friend Dev at Hack MSN Spaces has a partial list of the changes, the most visible being the inclusion of a “Common Friends” box, similar to what’s available on Facebook.


Dev lists two other changes – the removal of list descriptions (and changing lists to bold), and a more detailed description for updated Spaces (when you’re not signed in).  Then in Dev’s comments, Mat has a more complete list of the version changes that he’s compiled.  Unfortunately it’s in Italian, so we’re forced to fire up Windows Live Translator:

Here the directory of the new modernizations:

  • The list friendly introduces “friends in municipality”, already present functionality in the Social Networking di Facebook, “Common Friends”.
  • This new option marks it to us if a Windows Live Spaces has friends that we have in municipality.
  • The list friendly introduces notes on every single customer in the main page.
  • Always in the List Friendly, now, there is a better management in Preview Mode: “all” and “invited”. 
    • It lists introduce with the titles them in block letter and in those lateral ones more the visualization of the descriptions of every element is not previewed. 
    • Improved the option for the insertion of a new directory, with the tipologia to choose, tito it and name. 
      Changed the icona “it incorporates” in the egg whites photographic 
    • Windows Live Bar already introduces icona the MSN from some day. 
    • The visualization of the comments is changed: the address is beside the name and it is not more at the end of the written content.

(Note: “Egg Whites” = “album”.  Ahhh the joys of translation.)

  • The Egg whites Photographic modification introduces the new option “module”. 
    • Cliccando on it, will have a page that will concur to personalize the reproduction of the images:
    • – the title it.
    • – Speed of reproduction: slow, medium or fast.
    • – Reproduction of all the egg whites or personalized: possibility to reproduce all our egg whites, or only those chosen ones from the owner.
    • – To hide the possibility to select egg whites, therefore not to give to way to a visitor the possibility to choose which egg whites to see in the homepage.
    • – Possibility to order to the sequence of reproduction of our egg whites, dulling the option “selects” and inserting the number in the case “order” beside the egg whites.
    • From now it is concurred to expose in blog the more photographic egg whites.
    • The concurred maximum is of six egg whites.
  • New page assigned for the events that we want to make to see in our profile.

Currently this “small” has not been made official null from the official sources care release.

News expects, above all on the service in beta still closed the public Italian: Skydrive (in reality I have published the way in order to approach the service storage from first of September).

It is hypothetical that Skydrive is ready to the official release, from the moment that the option of access in Windows Live Spaces (with Italian interface) is present in the cache of memory of Windows Live Search.

The same speech is worth for the future service Windows Live Groups.

At all it is not excluded that they can be to us other innovationes to short.

Al moment is all and news from the official sources expects.

OK we have no way of actually knowing if this list is complete, or official, since a) our Italian sucks, and b) no one on the Spaces team has bothered to post on their official blog since Dec 20 of last year.  Hey guys, you run a blog service!  Try blogging once in a while, it’s catching on!  Sheesh.

Anyway, Mat has some nice screenshots, as does Dev.  Check it out.