February, 2008

Nielsen Online released some interesting web statistics for 2007 in the UK last week, which we found via Mess.be.  Google Search was the most popular website in the UK in 2007, averaging 25.1 million British visitors each month, with …

News is filtering out that a new version of Spaces has been released, apparently last week, on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14).  Our friend Dev at Hack MSN Spaces has a partial list of the changes, the most visible being the …

First let’s take a look at some comScore statistics on this one:


Google Video Sites:
Google Video

Yahoo! Video Sites:
Yahoo! Video
Yahoo! Live

Microsoft Video Site(s):
MSN Video (includes Soapbox)

Note: YouTube.com accounted for more than 97 percent

sunsh Our newest poster, Sunshine, from the Netherlands, has recently joined us to help out with all the news.  She has started a series of comparisons between Windows Live and Yahoo! services, and has been generally helping out keeping up with …

Angus Logan just made us aware of the Imagine Cup Software Design Windows Live Award in his post Are you a student? Want to compete for $10k and a trip to France? Imagine Cup Software Design Windows Live Award:…

msnmobile The Windows Live team has announced a structured mobile developer program that provides access to Live services in order to build rich and interactive, connected applications. This program is open to ISV (Independent Software Vendors), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers, like …

Its been a while coming, but the latest Microsoft re-org has now been announced after several weeks of speculation. That’s not to say the earlier stories weren’t correct though, as Steve Berkowitz will be leaving Microsoft later this year.

The big …

Over at meraTechPort, Vasudev reports the launch of the Windows Live Messenger Translation Bot:

Microsoft Research Machine Translation team has come out with an IM Translation Bot. MTBot prototype project which made it possible to combine machine translation technology

 Live Search Webmaster Center Blog announced the following updates:

Today we’re pleased to announce several improvements in the crawler for Live Search that should significantly improve the efficiency with which we crawl and index your web sites. We are

Time to take a closer look at IM.


Here we can see that worldwide MSN-Windows Live Messenger is taking a big lead, whereas Yahoo! Messenger is taking the lead in the U.S. Google is way behind.

Some features compared:


Virtual Earth For Government reports that New York City Transit has adopted Virtual Earth for their public trip planner:

Arguably the largest transit in the world, New York City Transit, today announced that it has released a new version of

Over at The UsefulTechnology Blog an article appeared on StatCounter. Besides putting a counter up on a "regular" Website you can also put one up at your Live Space with StatCounter.

To add StatCounter to your Windows Live Space,

Over at his blog, Phil Holden wrote a Mobile World Congress 2008 update. First he updates us on the expansion of Windows Live Mobile services in Latin America:

The first thing we have is a nice endorsement of

As Microsoft and Yahoo! continue to entertain us with what is becoming great high theatre, we’ve been hearing a couple of themes repeated over and over by the bloggers and journalists.  First, that this acquisition is some kind of desperate …

When we wrote about Omar Shahine’s hijacked email account last night, we showed it around a little and heard of some problems regarding password reset emails.  Apparently some users are receiving emails informing them that there has been a request …

yahoopressroom Hoo boy another press release (via BetaNews)! This time it’s Yahoo! announcing an exclusive deal with T-Mobile in Europe to use Yahoo! oneSearch as its exclusive search provider.  While of course this fits into the realm of Windows Live …

Just now Yahoo! posted the following Press Release:

Yahoo! Board of Directors Says Microsoft’s Proposal Substantially Undervalues Yahoo!

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb 11, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, today said the Yahoo! Board of

Wow don’t really know what to say about this.  Omar Shahine, a Lead Program Manager for Hotmail, who we’ve interviewed and had numerous conversations with about Hotmail, has apparently had his email account hijacked. Omar posted this tonight:


olsb Microsoft has just announced its version 2 of Office Live Small Business (and no, Henry Blodget, its not an online version of Office), the website management suite of tools for building and managing a small business online presence.  According …

Over at TechCrunch, Michael Arrington is reporting that Yahoo! is going to reject Microsoft’s offer on Monday. But will this No be a definite No or is it a polite way to ask for a little more money?