March, 2008

Microsoft made a $44.6 billion offer to buy Yahoo! on February 1, 2008, and since then we’ve been waiting to see what happens next.  While nothing officially has been announced, there is speculation that the deal may be nearing its next phase.  Yahoo! hasn’t come up with a …

Because a large population is still using IE6 and web developers are struggling to get their sites IE6 compliant, Ron Goff and Kevin Thompson of the Conveyor Group started a campaign:

SaveDevelopers Save The Developers – Say No to IE 6

Our current campaign focuses on assisting users in …

Less then two weeks after releasing the new Windows Live FolderShare Beta the team has dropped a refreshed build (14.0.1329.0317) on to the web that fixes a bunch of problems users had been experiencing with the bits. According to their team blog this release should fix all known sign …

Microsoft has just released a public beta of Windows Search 4.0, an update to the existing search technologies in Windows XP and Windows Vista. The knowledge base article lists the main updates as:

  • Support for the Encrypting File System (EFS)
  • Reduced affect on Microsoft Exchange when you

There are a few changes to Windows Live Spaces based on feedback the team received. 

Based on what we’ve heard from you, here’s the latest round of changes we’ve made:

  • You now have the ability to remove updates from specific people in the what’s new area of your

Virtual Earth Site for Business Decision Makers

A few months ago the new Virtual Earth marketing site launched. This site is a great place for a business decision maker to read up on Virtual Earth. You will find News, Events, Case Studies and Product Sheets.

The News

image Remy has just blogged on the Silverlight Streaming blog on that you will soon be able to put advertising into your Silverlight Streaming app. The pilot scheme is due to start soon this Spring.

So how will this work? The ads will be provided by the …

While the Windows Live Hotmail team is working on interesting new features they dropped another build on their servers that mostly covers backend stuff. The only change you will notice is the new WL Header with the MSN link that has found its way to most other Windows …

With Wave 2 now well behind us, the focus of our writing is now moving onto the next set of Windows Live products – Wave 3. Kip has already talked about how Windows 7 will see a number of programs being removed from the core operating system, notably …

Pocket-lint has learnt from sources close to the matter that Microsoft will announce the much-rumoured refresh to its mobile phone operating system, Windows Mobile, on April 1st 2008.

Windows Mobile adds features to your mobile that have previously only been available on a PC. Think about Windows

While we wait for Microsoft to buy Yahoo!, and Wave 3 to begin, and now that Mix08 news is out, there’s a little lull in Windows Live reporting.  That’s ok, though, it gives us some time to take a look at some interesting tidbits that aren’t quite Windows …

In a blog post this morning, John Richards, Director of Windows Live Platform at Microsoft, announces a set of new partnerships signed by Microsoft and 5 major social networks: Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged, and LinkedIn.  From the blog post:

Starting today, we will be working with Facebook

tata_logo_03 Yahoo! announced today a new collaboration agreement with Computational Research Laboratories (CRL), which is owned by India’s Tata Sons Limited, to utilize Tata’s giant supercomputer, the fourth fastest in the world, to “leverage CRL’s expertise in high performance computing and Yahoo!’s technical leadership in Apache Hadoop, …

Having remained with the old "Flair" design since May 2007, Windows Live Dev finally gets a new look ( But don’t be surprised to not find the Wave 2.0 look when you enter, because the designers at Microsoft preferred to make it look more like this

Word seems to be filtering out about a move to a more modular core for Windows 7, with additional pieces layered on top.  Mary Jo Foley first wrote about it last week, with a hint at what’s to come for Windows Live:

One of my sources close

Thanks to Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI (Why are these ads for MSN, Not Windows Live?) for taking a picture of the billboard I drove by today:


It appeared this week in south Seattle, and I’ve been hearing some radio ads on local stations, too.  …

The US search share numbers are out for February from comScore, and the bottom line is that its more of the same for Microsoft and Live Search.  US search share and Microsoft stock seem to share a lot in common, lots of hype and rhetoric about how things …

One of the best things about Mix08 is that all the sessions are online, meaning if you don’t go you can still educate yourself. The one I’ve just watched was given by Chris Pendleton, Virtual Earth Tech Evangelist, who demoed how developers can work with VE

The latest from Yahoo! was an SEC filing on March 18 recapping a  December 2007 financial plan presented to the board of directors describing Yahoo! lofty goals.  In the presentation, Yahoo! takes pains to point out that no one believes their own growth estimations:

yhooppt1 (2)

This slide seriously smacks …


Thanks to ActiveWin for finding this, a new Live Search SDK (version 1.1b, 3/15/08) with samples for Visual Studio 2005 is up and ready for download.  According to the download page:

The Live Search SDK provides documentation that describes the core concepts, requirements, development guidelines, and class