What’s on the cards for Mix08?

So with only a few days to go until Mix08 starts, we thought it was time to take a quick look at the keynoters and join the dots to what we think they will be showing:

 – Dean Hachamovitch – Internet Explorer 8 beta, yes no real guessing required here. Screenshots of the installer are already going around the internet, here’s out contribution showing how IE8 and Windows Live will start fitting together. Long its non-fuzzy just for you (click to enlarge).

 – Scott Guthrie – Silverlight 2 will undoubtably be the key thing, but there may be some other bits and pieces in there too (not quite so easy to predict). The only thing that remains to be seen is whether Scott switches over to the new Windows Live Messenger library for his future demos ;)

 – Ray Ozzie – ?????

Ah yes, as always its Ozzie that proves to be the elusive one. We want to go out on a limb and say Ozzie will show off Horizon, but given how much of a perfectionist he is, we don’t think that’s actually going to happen. Lets just hope its not more hand-waving and Jedi mind-tricks but instead something real and palpable.

Update: Nick Carr thinks it could be Microsoft’s strategy around cloud-based computing. I was talking to somebody else this week and they’d heard similar chatter from Microsoft Partners, though not necessarily about Microsoft’s own products. The plot thickens.

If you’re interested in meeting up, drop us an email as Kip will be at the conference.