Microsoft adCenter Analytics (Project Gatineau) releases Beta 2

Microsoft’s analytics piece of their adCenter product has just received an update, and a quick run-through shows some new features, significantly improved performance, and the end of the $5 sign-up fee (although I’m not finding a link to the free account setup as of yet, but here is the Project Gatineau sign up page).  Amit Fulay, a Lead Program Manager on the adCenter team, posts some more information:

Some of the key Beta 2 features are:

  • Free analytics-only account. We listened to the customer feedback and have removed the $5 adCenter sign up fee.
  • New tool for auto-tagging your web site
  • Commerce ROI reports
  • 3rd party paid search campaign import for Google and Yahoo! paid search campaigns
  • Campaign timeline report
  • Tree-map reports for Traffic and Inbound referrals
  • Age-Gender composite segment
  • Domain white-listing (only data from domains you specify are included in reports)
  • Visitor loyalty metrics (depth & length of visit, frequency, loyalty, new versus returning visitors)

We have a LiveSide account set up, here’s one screenshot:


And in some related web analytics news, Bret Grinslade will be in a panel at Mix 08 talking about Silverlight and web analytics – "how to incorporate … web analytics services into Silverlight applications and then take advantage of the separation between the design in XAML and code in JavaScript to do effective A/B testing."  Only problem is that there are so many sessions worth attending, many at the same time.  Mix 08 sessions are slated to be available 24 hours after they are presented, however.