LiveSide at Mix

Well the Softies are descending on Vegas, and tomorrow I’ll be there too – just in time to meet up with Long Zheng and company, who has a bit of a longer flight from Australia than I do from Seattle. Now the way these things seem to work is that conferences are perhaps the worst places imaginable to blog from – too busy, lousy internet connections, and no time to read other blogs or check the websites.


However we’re going to try a few things, not sure that they are going to work but only one way to find out.  In the sidebar on the home page is a link to a new page on LiveSide, with a video stream from Y!Live (very experimental, and temperamental, so this may or may not work), some links, including links to the keynote on Wednesday morning (9:30am Pacific: GMT-8), an IM session window you can use to chat when we’re online, a link to a Spaces photo gallery, and more.

Now no promises that I’ll be able to update the page much – I’m notorious for carrying a camera around all day and never taking pictures, but I’ll try.

We’re really looking forward to Mix, for a chance to meet up with some old friends and make some new contacts, to hear what Ballmer and Ozzie et al have to say, to soak up some Las Vegas sunshine (yeah right), and to have a little fun.

If you’re at Mix, look me up in the blogger’s lounge, I’ve got some new LiveSide stickers!

LiveSide at Mix 08