Our interview with David Treadwell of Windows Live Platform Services at Mix08

Microsoft is betting heavily on Software + Services, the concept that all the power of the desktop will not go away when services are introduced, rather that storage and computing power, local to the user, will continue to play a big role in how we use computers.  For the past couple of years, David Treadwell has been working along with Ray Ozzie and others to develop what has been known as Windows Live Core, now Windows Live Platform Services.  This platform, which we will be talking quite a bit more about shortly, is the beginnings of a transformation at Microsoft – not switching from Software to Services, but bringing services along as an integral added piece to software.  David Treadwell is the Corporate Vice President for Windows Live Platform Services at Microsoft, and we talked to him at Mix08 about the platform, and how it relates to Windows Live.   

01  00:00:34         Windows Live Platform Services defined: A developer platform for services, blended with client: the best of both worlds

02  00:01:23         Messenger Services Library API: A good example of the Software + Services model

03  00:02:57         Integrating a front end for Messenger into a website

04  00:04:03         The Windows Live Platform: Comparing it to the PC file system in the 80’s; working towards an ability to create a service just like creating an application

05  00:07:36         Identity Services and Interoperability: What’s different from Passport and Hailstorm

06  00:10:39         Issues with ID services: Spam

07  00:11:52         Is Microsoft turning towards an Open model?

08  00:13:12         Advertising? Artificial barriers to keep users will fail in the long run

09  00:14:38         Microsoft is serious about Software + Services

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