Windows Live FolderShare Gets Updated (ish)

The Windows Live FolderShare team blog has today announced a new FolderShare. So what’s new with it? Well…. Not much! In fact, I could say the update includes the following:

• A new website designed to makes managing your FolderShare libraries and computers even easier.
• A new FolderShare with a better setup, a better system tray menu, and better performance on Windows Vista.
• Improvements on the backend to keep FolderShare running more smoothly and reliably.

All of those are in the update, unfortunately, that is the update! Those three things, which seems a little light considering it’s been two years since the last update…. The new website does incorporate the Wave 2 feel of the Windows Live services, and has yet not moved to, whether it does or not remains to be seen, and can still be accessed from

Oh well, here’s to the next two years…!