Read and Write Chinese? Win cool prizes!

Our friends at, through their new Windows Live Community forums and in association with MSN China, are running a competition:

Hello again, I am Picturepan2 Yan. I would like to announce a Competition now – there’s a new competition going on for writing articles of windows live called “Windows Live 宝典 Update” which held by Windows Live Community and MSN China.

If you have experienced the Feb. Updates of windows live products, you can write up an article of your own Windows Live experiences and Windows live skills.

The 16 best participants will win:

First place: Dopod Mobile Phone D600 *2

Second place: iPod Nano *4

Third place: iPod Shuffle *10

Lucky prize: 2 kinds of MSN Boddies, 2 kinds of Windows Live Key Chains, Windows Live Mousepads, Windows Live Badge Cases.

The rules and details are posted at Windows Live Community. To participate in the competition, just go to . We need as many people as possible to join the competition.

PLEASE NOTE: All articles should be in Chinese. Worldwide is welcome.

Not sure how many Chinese readers we have that don’t already follow (and if you don’t, you should), but sounds like fun.