Windows Live Messenger gains new Activity

As of this evening users of Windows Live Messenger in France have a new Activity at their disposal, Messenger TV. Messenger TV brings Video to Messenger. It offers a daily selection of the best of MSN Video (France), which can be viewed with a Messenger contact. Both sides can choose and start the video clips, just like with MusicMix.

It’s usage is simple. If you are in France you can start the Activity from within the conversation window, just like you do any other activity or from the tab. If you do not have this activity (not in France/passport not set to France, like us), you can start it from the Messenger TV Website by clicking on the video thumbnails or on the following button:


If you are logged in on Messenger the “Select a Contact” screen will appear so you can choose with whom you want to watch. Once your contact accepted, the activity will open and you can start having fun, just like Chris and I did earlier on:


As you can see from the screenshot the activity is in French, but it’s usage is so simple you need not even understand French to use it. The clips can be in any language, not just French, we came across English and German already….so what’s stopping you from giving it a go?

I sure hope this Activity will become available to other markets as well in the future. Being able to listen to music together (MusicMix Activity) is one thing, watching video together is the logical thing to follow….

Thanks to our friends at Heaven for the update.