Yahoo! continues to stall: a quick recap

The latest from Yahoo! was an SEC filing on March 18 recapping a  December 2007 financial plan presented to the board of directors describing Yahoo! lofty goals.  In the presentation, Yahoo! takes pains to point out that no one believes their own growth estimations:

yhooppt1 (2)

This slide seriously smacks of Long Zheng’s favorite equation: Current value > ??? > Profits!!

Another slide, however, does point out again why Microsoft is interested:

yhooppt5 (2)

and also that while Microsoft continues to play the "little engine that could" search market share card for why they want Yahoo!, it’s about much more than that:

yhooppt3 (2)

You can take a look at the SEC filing and all of the documents related to Microsoft’s attempted acquisition of Yahoo! on our MSFT-YHOO! Document Timeline, and follow along with the latest news and stock information on our MSFT-YHOO! News and Stocks page