How dumb can it get?: new MSN ad campaign

Thanks to Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI (Why are these ads for MSN, Not Windows Live?) for taking a picture of the billboard I drove by today:


It appeared this week in south Seattle, and I’ve been hearing some radio ads on local stations, too.  Apparently this is part of a new campaign by The Wunderman Network, called No One Wants To Look Dumb, which as far as I can tell fails its own test, miserably.  Aside from the “ad campaign from your parents generation” look and feel to the whole thing, there’s the videos.  OK, bad videos from MSN, we know the drill.  So I go to MSN Video to pull one and embed it, and sure enough there they are – except, no wait, “this feature has been disabled for this video”!!


OK so let’s get this straight – in an effort to not “look dumb”, MSN has disabled the ability to virally spread the campaign (as if that’s going to happen, yeah right).  So by now, of course, two of the four videos are on YouTube anyway. 

No One Wants to Look Dumb 

This is just so sad.