Changes to Windows Live Spaces

There are a few changes to Windows Live Spaces based on feedback the team received. 

Based on what we’ve heard from you, here’s the latest round of changes we’ve made:

  • You now have the ability to remove updates from specific people in the what’s new area of your Spaces home page. 

At the bottom of your (signed-in) Spaces home page, you now have an “Options” link. 


Clicking “Options” will take you to a “What’s new Options” page where you can choose who of your Spaces friends and Messenger contacts show up on your home page.

Other changes:

  • We’ve added back your list descriptions for all lists when they are displayed in the narrow column
  • The font for custom lists is no longer bold by default
  • We changed the Sponsored Results module to reflect the transition of our partnership with Kanoodle
  • We’ve made some additional smaller changes which you won’t see but which will further improve the Spaces service

We hope you enjoy these changes.   As always, keep the feedback coming. We are listening.

– Chris

Full article: The Space Craft: Your feedback = Changes to Windows Live Spaces