Get Paid For Streaming With Silverlight?

image Remy has just blogged on the Silverlight Streaming blog on that you will soon be able to put advertising into your Silverlight Streaming app. The pilot scheme is due to start soon this Spring.

So how will this work? The ads will be provided by the Microsoft AdCenter platform and deliver contextual ads based on the keywords associated to the Silverlight video and these ads will appear actually in the playback. To register your interest for this, head on over to and provide the requested information.

Unfortunately, it is important to note that this is, as usual, only open to US participants, but as Remy is keen to highlight:

This is a real program, with revenues paid in US dollars, and it will include revenue sharing for the accounts participating in the trial.

So, if you are in the states and using SLS, good way to bring in some cash for doing nothing!

Thanks as usual to Angus for the tip.