Windows Live Writer Is No More

image In what can only be described as a bizarre and non-sensical decision, Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Windows Live Writer. Our insider sources tell us that because of the long delay between builds for the final release of the first version of Writer that it was deemed to costly to keep the project going.

This is going to come as a big disappointment to a lot of bloggers as the software has proven itself to be immensely popular due to the rich array of plugins available for it as well as ease of use and the shear number of blog engines it supported.

I can only hope that the guys behind Live Writer decide to write an open source edition, or something similar so that the masses can still easily blog without having to go to their blog to actually do it. So Writer might be dead, but if you want to remember the good times about the program, remember to check our posts about the program.



Only kidding smile_teeth You have to love a good April Fools’ Day joke (yeah, ok, it wasn’t a good joke, but hey…).