Windows Live for Windows Mobile (G2) now available from Microsoft

Jason Landridge posted today that a link is available for the first time from Microsoft if you want to install Windows Live for Windows Mobile (known also as “G2”),  on your Windows Mobile 6 device.

Up until now, it depended on what your mobile operator decided to install on your phone.  I’m on T-Mobile, for example, and I’ve had the G2 functionality on my Shadow all along.  Others (such as AT&T, I’m told) haven’t made it available, so that up until now you’ve been out of luck.

Included in the download are functionality for:

  • Hotmail “push” access (your mail is “pushed” to your phone, you don’t have to go get it)
  • Windows Live Contacts synchronization
  • Live Search bar for the home screen
  • One-click photo upload to Windows Live Spaces

What isn’t included is Windows Live Messenger.  However if you don’t have the Hotmail push access and Windows Live Contacts synch, go get it now, it’s great.

Download Windows Live for Windows Mobile from

(Via Steve)