MSFT-YHOO: Maybe we’ll just wait til this all settles down!

Yesterday’s flurry of activity on the MSFT-YHOO front had so many plot turns that my head is still spinning, but at the end of the day, analysts are still leaning in favor of a MSFT-YHOO deal.  We could breathlessly tell you what we think is going to happen (and indeed I was working up an opinion post yesterday morning), but then Yahoo! announced a trial run of Adsense ads from Google, and more news “leaked” out about a Yahoo-AOL deal (what was it Fake Steve Jobs said about a three-legged race?), and to top it off word got out about a possible partnership with Microsoft and News Corp. (owners of MySpace).  Whew.

ElephantRoom So truthfully we have no idea what’s going to happen next.  We’re going to continue to follow the developments closely (reality television has nothing on these antics!), enjoy the heck out of reading everyone scramble to try and make sense of it all (and feel a little sorry for them).  But generally, until the dust clears a bit, we’ll probably try our best to ignore the elephant in the room, and continue to focus on telling you about things we do have a handle on, like Live Mesh ;), a new Live Maps update, lots more to come involving Live Search announcements, and all the best on Windows Live.

In the meantime, check out our MSFT-YHOO pages, where we will continue to tag stories of interest (using and NewsGator), track the latest stock news and prices (using a nice widget from Yahoo!), and compile all the official releases in our Document Timeline (ps. if you have IE8, you can even subscribe to the Document Timeline WebSlice!).