Virtual Bird’s Eye

Chris Pendleton let’s us know about a new site for Virtual Earth’s Bird Eye. Virtual Bird’s Eye – A virtual bird’s eye view of the world – Mapping the News, Interesting Places, Current Events and Unique Attractions.

Virtual Bird’s Eye has been put together from the ground up to bring links and sights from all over. Virtual for many reasons – on the web, in images and because you can’t be in all these places at the same time. Bird’s Eye for a few reasons – Bird, nickname for a satellite; Eye, like like the view of a flying bird. And for the common saying ‘Bird’s Eye View’.This site is going to try and bring you sights from many different avenues:

  • Provide links to current events and news
  • Provide links to interesting places
  • Provide links to user submitted areas

So along side the news you also get to see where it’s at! Or you can go all touristy and watch Tourist Attractions, Ghost Towns, Presidential Homes etc..all in bird’s eye (and Aerial) view or even in flyover like the 3D flyover tour of the Augusta Golf Course.

Each week they focus on a specific theme, like this week’s theme is Major League Baseball locations around the country. Last week’s was the PGA Tour Golf locations. If you are missing a location you can help them out and send them your link at the contact page.

Check it out at