New Live Search Maps is Live

Just checked on and noticed a bunch of new features, and checked with the Virtual Earth / Live Maps blog and sure enough the new release is now live.


Denver in 3D (you really have to try it out, much improved!)

Man there’s a lot of stuff here.  Just taking the high points from Steve Lombardi’s blog post:

  • Lots of back end improvements (seems much snappier, right off the bat)
  • Safari and IE8 compatibility
  • Map Control update to version 6.1 (for developers
  • Export your Collection to your Nav/GPS device (nice!)
  • Improved "version 2" cities (Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix to start, lots more to come)
  • 3D modeling with 3DVIA (much improved)
  • Labels for Bird’s Eye imagery
  • 1-Click Directions improvments
  • MapCruncher integration (this is very cool, add layers of information from within Live Maps)
  • "GeoWeb" tagging and collections enhancements
  • Neighborhood Subscribe via GeoRSS
  • Tour Enhancements including Hi-Def Movies
  • Directions and Traffic Enhancements
  • Improved KML display including Google MyMaps links

So much stuff it’s going to take a lot more than one post to tell you about.  Check out Live Maps, and the Virtual Earth / Live Maps blog and let us know what you think in the comments.