PhotoZoom Updates and Facebook Application

It’s little over a month now since PhotoZoom got released. Matt Augustine let’s us know about the updates PhotoZoom got since then.


Where previously you had to upload your pictures (jpeg) one-by-one, if you didn’t already have them in a feed, you can now upload several at the same time. To do that, select multiple pictures after you click the browse button on PhotoZoom album page.

Also, in a previous article we told you how to embed your album with a little trick. You can forget about that trick, the code you need is on the album page at the bottom.


So it’s just a matter of copy and paste now. You can change width and height to whatever you like.

And last but not least of the updates, performance changes have been made so your albums should be processed faster. The photos are viewable immediately but the album is not zoom-able till it’s processed. Large albums may still take some time though, more improvements will be made in the future.

PhotoZoom Facebook Application

Are you on FaceBook? Matt has created a PhotoZoom application for Facebook that you can install. It imports and updates your Facebook photo albums automatically each time you visit the Photozoom settings page on Facebook (click the PhotoZoom icon in the applications list). You can select which albums you want to show on your profile. Albums you created within PhotoZoom are also available, new ones you created there will also be shown on your next visit of the settings page.


The cover photos of the albums will show up in the PhotoZoom box. Clicking on one loads the Deep Zoom album in the canvas page.  

PhotoZoomFacebookProfile PhotoZoomFacebookAlbum

Side note: no, I do not own 2 cars. It’s the previous and current one.

You can view the album in full screen mode by clicking the link above the album. This will load the album in a new, full screen, browser window.

You can not edit your Facebook albums directly in PhotoZoom. If you look at such an album there, instead of the Upload Control you will see this image which includes a direct link to your albums on Facebook.

PhotoZoom is an experimental site developed at Microsoft, running on the Microsoft Live Labs Incubation Platform. It uses the Deep Zoom technology in Silverlight 2 Beta 1 to create photo albums with user uploaded photographs.

Many of these newly added features were by popular request of users, try them out and keep the feedback coming.