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Live Mesh Next week, at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Microsoft is expected to unveil Live Mesh, a new product that will bring the first of Ray Ozzie’s services vision to light.  Live Mesh combines a program installation on computers with a “web desktop”, or cloud based storage, and will allow computers on the “mesh” to synchronize folders among computers and to the cloud, share folders with others, and access computers on the mesh remotely from another computer or by accessing the “web desktop” via the internet.

We’ve been telling you about Live Mesh for quite some time, and as early as last December we told you to “pay attention to feedsync”.  Then at Mix08 (and yeah I know the Mix badge is still on LiveSide, but have you checked out all the videos?), we deciphered Ray Ozzie’s cryptic messages for you, although the naming looks like it’s changed a bit, and Live Mesh now refers to the product that will control the “mesh” of devices to sync and share, something that was referred to as Horizon.  Or something like that.  Anyway, it’s Live Mesh for now.

While we’ve got a general idea of how this is all going to work – file synch via RSS shared extensions (which Microsoft is calling Feedsync, and which it placed under the open specifications promise), plus a lot more, we’re sure,  we can’t wait to get a real look at what Live Mesh can do.

So we’re going to be bringing you the announcements as they hit the wire next week, and head on down to San Francisco on Thursday to get our hands on, see some demos, and talk to some of our soon to be Live Mesh friends.

We’ll have a lot more next week, but you can study up in the meantime:

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