New Live Search News site spotted, testing Rome again?

This evening, for a little while, the Live Search News Site looked completely different from what we are used to. This is what we normally see:


We spotted it like this earlier:


Notice how it shows articles now instead of just links. Breaking news from MSNBC has also found it’s way into the new look, sure caught my eye! And that’s not all, on the page there are also today’s top news videos which you can preview in the same page by holding your cursor on it. This is something it holds over the competitor Google News, which looks like this…


Google News probably is more customizable when it comes to choosing the top stories, you can choose by country from the drop down list, and sections shown. Live Search News has some customization options as well. To get there click options at the top right, this will give you the following screen


As you can see you can set in which language you want the site shown, how the results appear, how safe (SafeSearch filter) you want your search to be and in which language to search. In the New UI you also get to set your Location between SafeSearch and Search language.


You can get to the news through or This new UI seems to go on and off, more on/off public testing of new Live Search update (Rome) perhaps, so if it doesn’t show up in the new UI, click on this image:


..then click on Browse Top Stories to get to the new view. Unfortunately Liveside is not in Live Search News database and we can’t tell it to put it inthere either, unlike Google News where we can ask to be included…