Microsoft switches personalised homepage to

In an email sent out to Windows Live users, Microsoft today announced that from mid-April, personalised pages will be available from Just last week, the title of the page switched to “Windows Live Personalized Experience”, suggesting that it may very well be seeing some actual feature updates soon.

Now with, and, its now slightly easier for end-users to know exactly what page they should be using for different purposes. Add My MSN into the mix though (there’s an update on the way for that too), and it seems like we have too many pages trying to achieve the same aim. Full email is after the jump.

Dear Windows Live user,

Starting in mid April, we have a new URL for your Personalized Page! You can now access your personalized page by signing in with your Windows Live ID directly at

Visit today to view your personalized page and make our new URL your Homepage, or add it to your Favorites.

You can continue to use Live Search from within your personalized page, or you can search directly from

While you are on your personalized page, please visit the new Directory under the Add Stuff link.

The Windows Live Team