Live Mesh Technology Preview: First Look

So at 5 minutes after 9pm, I navigated to, logged in with my Windows Live ID, and was off and running.  First order of business (after accepting the terms), was to add a couple of devices and synch some folders.


notice that 64bit is supported


The download was 1.57mb and installed in less than 2 minutes, by unofficial count.  After adding a laptop, I created a folder and, by right clicking on it, transformed it into a Live Mesh folder:


Note that once the folder is a Live Mesh Folder, it turns blue (the Live Mesh guys like blue!)


So now on to the laptop, where again, I added it to the mesh, and synched the folder I created.


OK this is a little freaky.  In just a few seconds, the new Mesh folder was created on the laptop, and 2.5mb of files were synched over.  I then took a couple of screenshots on the laptop, added them to the Live Mesh folder, and they were almost immediately available on my desktop.  This is very very cool stuff, at first glance, but way more than we’re able to digest in a few minutes.

So just to recap, I just logged in to, logged in, added two pc’s created a Live Mesh folder and dropped a couple mbs of files in it, synched it across to the laptop, added some pics to the live mesh folder on the laptop, which were immediately synched back, and wrote this blog post (me, the world’s slowest typer), all in less than 1/2 hour.  Hooboy this is gonna be fun…

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