Live Mesh, From A Developer’s Side

With the release of Live Mesh and all that has been said about it (here and here), what’s in it for developers? Well Mesh is meant to be the platform that people can build upon, and we’re given a glimpse of that on the developer page on the Live Mesh website.

Taken from the website, you have a link to the a welcome video for developers as well as hints as to some of the capabilities of the Mesh Platform, allowing you to build applications that:

  • Use the Live Mesh sync service to synchronize files, data, and applications across all the devices in a user’s mesh—even in scenarios where devices are only occasionally connected to the service.
  • Use the Live Mesh member service to provide file- and data-sharing experiences to anyone.
  • Extend the Live Desktop experience to deliver applications that are accessible from anywhere.
  • Plug in to the Live Mesh news feed system to generate notifications for key activities in your application.

So what sort of applications are we talking about? Well, in their white paper, they give us a glimpse of what’s on the Horizon (oh how we love puns):


Unfortunately, that’s as much as they do show (notice the Apps tab at the top of the screenshot and Mesh Applications shortcut on the desktop), going on to say:

In the coming months, you’ll hear more about the developer platform for Live
Mesh,  including  how  developers  can  write  services  and  applications  that
interact  with  the  mesh  to  provide  a  more  personal  and  meaningful  user

So it looks like there are some very interesting times coming for developers wanting to Mesh about with Mesh. In the mean time, if you want to register your interest for the developer SDK, go to Connect and fill out the survey.