Want to try Mesh, but not got access? Find a friend and you can!

Unsurprisingly, here’s some more Mesh news. If you have yet to see what Live Mesh is all about and you’re just waiting patiently in the waiting list, there is another way you can get in on the Tech Preview. We spotted this on the day of its release, but Nadia has now made it official in the Live Mesh Forums.

So how do you do it? Simple, find someone who already has access to Mesh, and get them to invite you to view one of their folders. In doing so, you will go through all the process of accessing Mesh so you can view that folder, then when you click on Devices at the top, you will now be able to add your own devices and start using Mesh.

How does your friend do this? Simple, it can be done from either the Web Interface, or from the Windows Interface:

Web: Windows:
image image

Once the invite is sent, you will get an email from your friend inviting you to share a folder using Live Mesh. Just follow that invitation and that’s it, you’re in.

So if you know someone who is using Mesh and hasn’t done this, I suggest bribery! Just a note though, a user only has two invites available to them (and yes, I’ve used mine).