Live Mesh Technology Preview: A closer look – User perspective, Part 1

Kip already posted  a Live Mesh Technology Preview: First Look, let’s follow up on that. So we’ve already added some devices, now what? First let me start off by saying that the Live Desktop works the same as your computer Desktop (Vista lay-out). Double click opens and in the folders you will find the same open/close/minimize/maximize buttons, there’s even a taskbar at the bottom.



We already added a folder too. Let me tell you some more about creating folders. You can create a folder on your computer and add it to Live Mesh as shown in Kip’s article. The second possibility to add a folder is to create one on the Live Desktop. To do so double click on Create new folder


The default sync options are set to Don’t Synchronize for the devices you added, and When files are added for the Live Desktop. If we leave it like that it will be a Live Desktop (in the cloud) folder only. You can change those options by clicking on the arrow button in front of Show Synchronization Options and choosing the desired setting from the dropdown.


Of course you can give the folder a different name too, I advice to give it a clear name just as you do with the folders on your computer. That way you will know what you stored where, if you intend on sharing that folder it might be an idea to give the folder a groupname (like we have LiveSideMesh) or put your own name and name of one you share with in. After creating this folder, even when you chose not to sync to any of your devices, you will see a shortcut to the folder appear on all devices you added. This is done so you can easily change sync settings later on, feel free to delete those shortcuts. Do not delete it if it’s a file folder (no arrow)!

MeshLiveShortcutOnDesktop LiveMeshFileFolderDesktop

So what if you later on decide not to sync on that device anymore? Right click on the folder on your desktop and navigate to Live Mesh Options > change Sync settings


Then change it to Never with this device and click OK


The folder will change into a regular file folder holding all files that were in at that time. You will also see a new shortcut was created on your desktop to the now non-synced Live Mesh folder


You can delete a folder from your mesh, or you can delete a folder from a device. Deleting a folder from your mesh means removing the folder from your Live Desktop by right clicking on that folder, selecting delete or select folder and click delete, then on the dialog that appears choose delete. It does not delete the folder, nor the files in it, from other devices you added or from any folder member’s device.

Deleting a folder from a device deletes it from that device only. It does not delete it from your Live Desktop, from other devices in your mesh, or from folder members’ devices. The folder will remain on those devices and continue to synchronize with them. You can resync the folder with that device again later if you wish to do so (more on that in part 3).



What is a folder without files? Empty, yep :P Let’s add some files.

In the future you will be able to drag and drop directly onto your Live Desktop folder, but for now we have to use the Upload button, the link in the folder when file is empty or the menu item under Organize


You can only upload one file at a time, but who knows that might change in the future too.

If you do sync that folder with a device another method then you can of course drag and drop files onto the file folder on the desktop or add files there in any other way you can as a regular folder on your computer. That’s what it is really, just another folder with an extra…synchronizing with Live Desktop (in the cloud) and/or other devices added to Live Mesh.

You can open the files from any location and edit or delete them. Keep in mind: what you do on one location will be synced to/affect all! If you open them from the Live Desktop however the changes will not be saved, hopefully you will be able to in the future….but for now edit at it’s original folder on your desktop or download by right clicking choosing save as. If you sync the folder it will be updated, if you don’t sync that folder you will have to upload the file again. You will be prompted if you wish to proceed or not as continuing will overwrite the existing file.



The folders can be organized on your Live Desktop just like you do on your computer desktop


Again for now you can’t put your files in another folder on Live Desktop by dragging and dropping, so you will have to do that on one of the synced devices or make the folder first than navigate to that folder and upload to that folder straight away. Of course you can also create folders in the local synced folder. The advantage of synchronizing, if at one you can’t you can on another :P


The folder on Live Desktop has different views, Details, Icons and Media.


Yep, that’s right, you can play media on the Live Desktop! Just no video support yet….

Sharing a Folder

Now you got a folder and there’s files in it, maybe you want somebody else to see those files too. Can do! How to add a member to a folder? Open up the folder you wish to share, then on the Mesh Bar click Members, then Add


Fill in the e-mail address of the one you wish to share the folder with and enter a personal note if you want to, then click OK. As you can see from the dropdown there are different levels for sharing the folder, however at this time you can only choose Owner (full access).

Or, and that’s the other way to add a member to a folder, right click the folder on your desktop and navigate to Live Mesh options > Add Members in Live Mesh folder.

Now if you wish to delete a member from a folder, or in other words no longer share the folder with someone, you go to the Mesh Bar, click on Members then on Edit


Clicking on Remove, then on OK will delete the selected member from the folder.



That’s it for part 1. In part 2 we will talk about the Mesh Bar and Live Mesh Website sections. We already have a part 3 planned too, stay tuned!That’s it for part 1. In part 2 we will talk about the Mesh Bar and Live Mesh Website sections. We already have a part 3 planned too, stay tuned!

That’s it for part 1. In part 2 we will talk about the Mesh Bar and Live Mesh Website sections. We already have a part 3 planned too, stay tuned!

While you are waiting you may want to sign up on the waiting list for Live Mesh at, find a friend to invite you in or read any of the previous LiveSide Stories about Live Mesh.

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