Live Mesh Technology Preview: A closer look – User perspective, Part 2

Digested everything in Part 1 already, wanna know more? Here’s Part 2, about the Mesh Bar and Website sections!

The Mesh Bar

Attached to the right on the folders, both on Live Desktop and on your device, you find the Mesh Bar. It consists of 3 sections:

This part informs you of what has happened in that folder: which files were uploaded/updated/deleted and by who and members invited/joined/left. In the News section you can also post a message for those you share the folder with (or a reminder for yourself of course). To do that click the New post link, enter the message in the next screen and click OK 


Clicking View all will take you to a new screen containing all activity in that folder. Clicking a member’s name will bring you to this person’s Live Mesh Profile, clicking on a file name will allow you to open/save (download) said file.

This section contains the names of every member that folder is shared with. In Part 1 we already showed you how to add and delete a member from a folder in this section but there’s more.


The orange square with the number indicates the number of members currently viewing that folder, the orange square next to the name shows you who is. If that member is on your messenger buddy list you will also see the messenger buddy next to their name indicating their messenger status (only on the mesh bar next to the folder on your device). To start a chat simply double click that buddy icon. To use Messenger from the mesh bar, you must be signed in to both Live Mesh and Windows Live Messenger with the same Windows Live ID.

Also it doesn’t only show the members you share the folder with, it also shows pending members (email address in italics with pending behind it) other words those you invited but haven’t accepted the invitation yet. On Live Desktop clicking on an already joined member will show you this member’s Live Mesh profile containing Live ID Web Appearance including email address, the folders you share with this person (Shared Folders) and what this person has done in those folders (News about this person).


Synchronized Devices
This shows the devices the folder is synchronized with and the status of those devices (online/offline). The device you’re using is shown in bold, or gray in case of the Live Desktop.


You can not Edit (choose which devices to synchronize with aka change Synchronization Settings) from Live Desktop yet, but you will be able too in the future. So for now you will have to do so from the folder on your device (either from the mesh bar there or by right click >  Live Mesh options > Change sync settings as shown in Part 1) or through the Notifier (more on that in Part 3). You may also notice a link Connect to device next to the online devices, click on that to remotely connect to that device, also referred to as Remote Desktop (more on Remote Desktop in Part 3).

Live Mesh Website

We’ve already been working on it but let’s look at the different sections the Live Mesh Website offers.


The first is the Desktop, all shared folders are there as well as a Notifier and a Taskbar.


The second is Devices, this is the page you land on when you sign in. It’s where you add devices to your Mesh. You can see in the above picture that DESKTOP1 is online and DESKTOP2 is offline (gray). This section can also be used to remotely connect, orange Connect button, to any of the added online devices (Remote Desktop). To switch device click on it in the device ring. Both sections (Desktop and Devices) have an indicator on how much of the available storage space you used (percentage).


The third is News, here you can see all your shared folders (including how many members a folder has) and all activity on these folders.

As everywhere, blue text are links. Clicking on a folder name will bring you directly to that folder on the Live Desktop, clicking on a file name will allow you to download, open/save dialog, said file if still in the folder.Clicking on a member’s name will lead you straight to said person’s Live Mesh profile.

All throughout the screens and sections you find help buttons. Clicking on those will open up a new window with the help file about that particular part, like About Live Mesh folders and About the Live Mesh bar. The one on the Desktop section has an arrow beside it with some extra resources.

MeshHelp Help
Terms of use
Code Of Conduct
Report Abuse
Team Blog

About will give you the current Live Mesh build number.

This concludes Part 2, in Part 3 we will tell you about the Notifier and Remote Desktop.

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