Minor Spaces update, and more from Windows Live blogs

The Space Craft, blog of the Windows Live Spaces team, just announced a minor upgrade to Spaces: you can now include the Messenger IM control and SkyDrive files in the Custom HTML module using embed codes.  Some back end changes have been made to Spaces as well, “to make the service faster and more reliable”.

Two other Windows Live product teams have posted recently, too: the Live QnA blog posted Tuesday on their “new and improved refresh”, which they are apparently calling their “Renaissance release”.  Of course we pointed out the refresh to you already, but the Live QnA blog goes deeper into the list of improvements (paraphrased here):

  • Improved Live ID signup experience
  • Redesigned registration page, including a required agreement to the Code of Conduct
  • Improved site promotion, including the MSN Election Channel, and Live Search results pages (more to come)
  • New look and feel
  • Improved site navigation and tag content
  • Recognition for top contributors (with high best answers to total answers ratio)

You can read more on the Live QnA (might want to change that to Live Search QnA) blog, or visit http://qna.live.com.

Then, on the Live Search blog, the Live Search Product team announced their new release, including:

  • One stop to research product details and find good prices You see an image and description for each product, reviews from other users, prices to help you find good deals, and spec sheets for many products.
  • Feature-based refinements See which products are reviewed positively or negatively for the features that interest you. View product features such as screen size, battery life, ease of use, and portability.
  • Sorting Sort product results by user ratings, expert ratings, and price.
  • Filtering Filter product results by specific brands, categories, and price ranges.
  • Richer product details Read expert reviews and a spec sheet describing the product.

Product search has also been added to Live Search Mobile (at http://m.live.com – and don’t forget about http://m.liveside.net!  Did you know that you can access LiveSide on your iPhone at http://m.liveside.net/iPhone?), along with some more improvements to mobile search.