Live Mesh promo video shows Mac and Windows Mobile clients (xbox too maybe?)

Given Long Zheng’s passion for Microsoft promo videos, I thought it only fitting that we pay tribute and post about the Live Mesh one that has appeared on YouTube from the Web2.0 Expo. While I can’t offer high-res stills of Mesh bringing animals back to life, there’s still a few points you can take away about the high-level vision Microsoft has for Mesh.

At first glance it seems a lot like the generic Microsoft “next-generation” videos that occasionally pop up, full of ideas for the future, most of which will probably never materialise.. Then you remember that actually the products it is showing are already here and Mesh, the link between them all, has just entered initial public testing. Score +1 point for lack of vapourware.

Mobile: say hello to your new Windows Mobile Mesh client. The two screenshots show show before/after when you get a new file synchronised to a Live Mesh folder. Oh it looks good on the HTC Touch Dual too!

There’s a Mac in the video! I can’t think when the last time I saw one of these make an appearance in a Microsoft promo was. The client for Mac was also demoed at Web 2.0, so its definitely on the way.

Xbox: Not quite sure what the “File Share” aspect relates to as the shared content doesn’t tie in with the rest of the video (it looks like they are sharing a screenshot from a game). Still, its not impossible to imagine that Mesh would eventually tie in with Microsoft’s gaming platform, just like Windows Live Messenger does already.

Ok so I lied when I said no vapourware. Zune makes an appearance too, synchronising a playlist collection from the Zune device at one location, through to an in-car mp3 player somewhere else. You gotta have dreams though, right?

Perhaps one of the most potent applications that Mesh can offer is the ability to access your media library from anywhere, on any device. While this is definitely achievable now for Vista and Windows Mobile devices, the challenge will be making that available elsewhere: iPod and iPhone applications anybody?

Spot anything else we missed? Let us know!