Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support Blog: Responding to Customer Feedback – Disabling DAV

We notified you about the changes Microsoft planned for accessing Hotmail with Outlook Express, the disabling of the DAV protocol. The transition deadline has now been postponed:

Recently, many customers received notification regarding Microsoft’s plan to disable the DAV protocol, which allows you to access your Windows Live Hotmail inbox from Outlook Express. From the feedback we received, it became clear that you needed additional time to evaluate alternative solutions and with this in mind, we are postponing the transition deadline previously announced.  This means that you will continue to be able to access your Windows Live Hotmail accounts from Outlook Express beyond the June 30 transition deadline.

As Microsoft continues to evolve its products to meet your needs, we appreciate your feedback. This change to Outlook Express protocol is one such evolution and will allow for managing of multiple accounts and today’s large inboxes. We will update you on expected future changes and alternatives with enough advance notice to ensure a smooth transition.

We apologize for the inconvenience this change may cause.

-Windows Live Hotmail Support Team

No mention of another date but we will be keeping an eye out!

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