Live Mesh Guys love to blog!

At Web 2.0 Expo, I was impressed by how open and talkative the Live Mesh guys were – of course that could have been because they’ve been locked away unable to talk for two years.  Well now they just won’t shut up, apparently, because they’ve been blogging up a storm.  Here’s a list of some of the Live Mesh bloggers and an OPML if you want to subscribe.  This dynamic list comes from NewsGator Online, in the same way we built our list of favorite blogs.  As Live Mesh moves ahead we plan to do a lot more on keeping track of the latest news, but this will serve to get us started.

One good example of some great Live Mesh blogging is this post by Roman Batoukov (via Steve Clayton):

We are building a v1 product that has a potential to help people solve many, if not most of  the connectivity and data availability problems I’m personally passionate about solving. The product brings together your data, people you share data with and various devices you use to process the data into a single “Mesh”. The bold statement is that you can access your data anywhere from any device. We provide multiple alternative access paths to your data through the Mesh. I’m working on the Accounts team – we are responsible for keeping track of users, devices and applications in the system, security, authentication and authorization.

live mesh

We expect to hear a lot more from these bloggers in the coming months.  Can’t wait (and yes I included a few extra “Live Mesh guys” – consider them honorary).

Live Mesh Guys List

Want to subscribe? Here’s the OPML:

Live Mesh Guys OPML

(If I left you off the list, leave a comment and I’ll add you in!)