Live Search for Windows Mobile gets update

Live Search for Windows Mobile has just received an update, bringing out the features announced at CTIA last month. While it provides the standard mapping and local search that we’ve come to expect, it now adds the following:

    · Map a contact:  For any people in your contacts list/address book, immediately view their address on a map and get directions there.

    · View Virtual Earth collections:  View custom maps of locations and events that are created on the PC by you, your friends, or the broader community.

    · Web search: Launch web search directly from the client to find web pages, product price comparisons and reviews, news, images, and more.

    · Weather: View the latest weather conditions and the 4 day forecast

In addition, UK users now get access to the Directions feature previously restricted to US users only. The collections feature is particularly cool, and Kip has a video of this that’ll be up shortly.

Check out the update at