MSN China: “prayers and blessings” to earthquake victims

rainbowOur thoughts and prayers go out to victims of the recent earthquake in China, and MSN China is helping to remember those who suffered through the earthquake by remembering them with a Rainbow symbol in front of your nick:


An earlier campaign, one to show support for China in light of all the negative press surrounding the Olympic Torch tour, by including “heart China” spread quickly and was very popular in China.

The rainbow is meant to express hope:

According to MSN, the rainbow represents hope and a good things to come: “We [MSN] believe that there is always a rainbow after the wind and rain.”

To put the rainbow symbol in front of your nick, first type a set of parentheses (), then fill it in with a capital R – rainbow.

(Link to Windows Live Translator version of the MSN China post)


If you would like to contribute to relief efforts, another blog about China, Lost Laowai, posted instructions on how to place a badge redirecting to the Red Cross Society of China:

China Quake Donation