Personalized page moved to

Your personalized page has moved from, which is now Live Search Home page, to


You can still reach your personalized page from, just click Personalized page at bottom right.


The team wrote the following on their blog:

We have a new URL!  You can now access your personalized page by signing in with your Windows Live ID at

Visit today to view your personalized page and make our new URL your Homepage or add to your Favorites.

Updated Directory

While you are on your personalized page, check out the new Directory items under the Add Stuff link.  We’ve reorganized and added new feeds from a wider variety of business, technology, and entertainment sources.  In addition, new collections have been added to the Windows Live > Collections folder for Business, Technology, and US Politics.

This is what the new updated directory looks like:


Advanced options let’s you search for feeds, add a gadget by url, subscribe to a feed by url and import and and export OPML file. My Stuff will show all things you’ve added to your personalized page, you can rename, delete and preview them from that panel too. Once you signed in you will also get Send to mobile next to My Stuff:


When you sign up for Windows Live Mobile services or try to send a link to your mobile device from a web page and you are outside your country, click the accompanying link on the number entry screen to choose another country or region, and then select your location from the list.

If you do not see your country or region in the list (I only saw Japan, United Kingdom and United States in there at the time I wrote this), Windows Live Mobile services may not be able to deliver text messages in your country. However, you may be able to access Windows Live Mobile by opening the browser on your mobile device and then typing

This is what the basics page looks like after you clicked Next on


As you can see here, under Options, you can set the number of columns, language and color of the pages just as they have done on the separate pages (Basics, News, Sports, Entertainment).


You can also add more pages by clicking Add a page, which you can also name anything you like.

Handy if you would like a page for all your feeds alone, or one for all those other gadgets that do not fall under a specific category (ready created pages). Of course you can also edit the ready made pages.

More about how to personalize your page (product tour, videos, links) can be found at the What’s New page, linked to on the site.

Besides the new link there are performance updates for returning users (faster load times) and more changes on the horizon, which are big projects but the team is still quiet about those. More will be made known about those in the next few months.