Live Spaces Vision – get blog updates in (near) real-time

So many blogs, so little time. There are over 112 million blogs on the Internet! How do you keep up? You can take Live Spaces Vision for a spin! Yea really, a spin! Beware not to get dizzy while this shows you all recently updated Windows Live Spaces. Watch that Virtual Earth globe go round and round and round….

You can watch in 2D or 3D, the first time you start 3D mode you will be asked to install Virtual Earth 3D. To tilt and rotate the map, hold the ‘CTRL’ key on the keyboard whilst pressing your left mouse button. Scroll the mouse to rotate the globe on its axis.


Looking for a specific (interest) blog? There’s also Interest Space Mode, as shown in the picture above. Just type in your specific interest in the search box, click submit and of you go! Interesting what/who you can find that way…I found John Bruno, Lead Program Manager at Microsoft (picture above).


To go to the Live Space Profile, click on the thumbnail in the recently viewed window (I’ll call it the Collection Bar). This bar is shown below the map, scroll down a bit if you don’t see it, I had to as well. I just wish the thumbnails wouldn’t disappear when the search starts over to give me some time to click on them…I didn’t find a way to stop the search either…

Live Spaces Vision is a stream of global updates to the Windows Live Space network of local market sites in near real-time. Live Spaces Vision joins FlickrVision, TwitterVision, and WikipediaVision in the vision map genre. This was achieved by using the publicly available Changes Feed and Virtual Earth SDK.

Evangelised by Rick Stock and Jason Christie in London, UK. Developed by Cyokin Zhang and Jamie He in Shanghai, CN.

Go and give it a spin, it can be reached through or

Whilst playing with this I thought how cool it would be to have this for your buddy list! Not only would you be up to date on their Live Spaces but it will show you where they reside at the same time! Could someone please…. *fantasizes some more* …. additional link in Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Spaces friends list…

More info: Live Spaces Vision – MSN On Windows Live UK