New Live Search: Farecast – Search And Book Your Flight

In April, Microsoft acquired the award-winning travel web site Farecast. Today the new site launched! Live Search Farecast helps you find the lowest airfares by predicting when is the best time to buy, so you can time your purchase for the greatest discount.


The search will provide you with quite an extensive lists of possibilities as it searches several sites (334 results for mine). As if that’s not enough you can also compare Farecast prices to other sites like Expedia.


Good thing you can show flights by airline company too or limit the list by the number of stops. You can also narrow it down by limiting the Price Range, Flight Quality or duration. No predictions though for me…

farecastPredictions farecastConnect

It’s also made easy to book the flight of your choice. Simply click on Select in the result list and you will be taken to the site of the Airline Company where you can book your flight. Microsoft will also explore the possibility of incorporating a cash rebate option for travel services booked and purchased through Live Search Farecast, possibly through Live Search CashBack, which Kip posted about earlier.