New Windows Live Mobile homepage launches into beta

A new Windows Live Mobile homepage has just been launched into beta over at Thought its just the first milestone, the new page features several nifty features. These include:

  • The “What’s new” summary, showing recent updates made by your friends
  • Ability to query Live Search direct from the homepage
  • Easy access to the other mobile Windows Live services (mail, messenger, spaces)

Key here is the implementation of the “What’s new” feed, that is also currently available on the PC through This is something that Facebook has developed into a must-have feature for social networking, especially by making it available through their mobile site.

Obviously this is just the first beta for the new mobile homepage so the currently implemented features are the basics. We’d expect to see more advanced features like photo update notifications and mailbox previews in the next milestones, but the question is whether the team can innovate in this area.

Click to enlarge the screenshot, or check it out at on your mobile device.