Windows Live Agents SDK Released

The Windows Live Agents blog posted a couple of weeks back that a new version of the Platform and SDK was coming soon, and that day is seemingly upon us. In a blog entry that has just gone up on the WLA blog, the new SDK has been released. There have been strong hints as to what the SDK will now be from the documentation that has been on MSDN for a few weeks now, and it comes in the form of a Visual Studio Add-in, rather than its own IDE as it was when it was Colloquis.

Angus Logan has a good summary of the blog entry (it’s quite long), but the key thing to point out for Live Agent developers are that Microsoft “will be retiring the old standalone Colloquis SDK (versions 4.3 and previous) within 90 days of our 5.0 release.”

Further information:

Expect a further post on the Live Agents SDK, how to use it and build a simple Agent.