Office Live Workspace: Languages And Other Updates

Besides in English, Office Live Workspace (Beta) has also been made available in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Support for more languages will be added later this year. So how does this affect sharing and collaborating with users in other languages? Oli Messenger of the Workspace Team explains:

…you don’t have to worry about a thing because OLW makes sharing a file or document with someone that speaks another language just as simple as sharing with anyone else.  Users will see their workspaces and user interface in their language of choice, and all content will naturally be in the language it was created or written in. Say you’re from London and you share with someone from Paris. The French user gets notified as you’d expect, and the next time they log in to their account they’ll see that the English user has shared the files with them.  It’s as simple as that.

Our selection of pre-made workspace templates has also been localized, so international users get exactly the same benefits from them as English users have had. It’s now possible to collaborate as part of an international team of people, with edits being recorded and activity being tracked and sent out world-wide, keeping everyone in the loop.  Users see times translated into their time zones and see dates, times, and numbers formatted to their locales.  For users, it’s seamless.  Office Live Workspace handles all translation and adaptation under the covers.

Neat huh? But that sure wasn’t the only thing that changed in the past month(s), they also added new Activity features (Activity pane and Activity e-mails). Besides that, the Office Live Add-in has been improved and is now called Office Live Update. Think there should be more changes, have more ideas for improvements? Let the Team know by giving feedback on their forum.

Would you like more visual explanation on Office Live Workspace? The Workspace Team has published 2 videos:
Use it with Microsoft Office
Share easily with others

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