Windows Live Expo joins the Windows Live deadpool

Windows Live Expo, the Craigslist wannabe classified ads product,  is heading for what TechCrunch likes to call the “deadpool”. This follows closely on the heels of announcements shutting down Live Search Books and Academic.  A notice on the site appeared today, informing users that the site will cease operations on July 31:


Some aspects of Expo have already been closed down, and users are no longer able to:

  • Create a new account
  • Post a new listing
  • Extend a listing
  • Upgrade a listing to a premium listing

All items currently on Expo will remain until they expire (or until July 31, whichever comes first).

Expo began on February 28, 2006 with a Hello World post on their blog (which hasn’t been updated since last September).

Thanks to Josh Jacob (Tegument) for the heads up.