Danny Thorpe rejoins Microsoft

Danny Thorpe, “Architect of Disruption” has rejoined Microsoft after leaving last year to work with Cooliris.  Thorpe (who has his own Wikipedia page!) joined Microsoft in the Windows Live Platform team in April of 2006, working on “a secure client-side cross-domain scripting library for browser web apps, as well as the Windows Live Contacts Control built upon that library”.  We talked to Danny and Angus Logan about the Windows Live Platform last September, shortly before he left to join Cooliris in October.  From his blog post about rejoining Microsoft:

The storm has come full circle. I will soon be jumping back into the Microsoft maelstrom, this time in the Visual Studio / Developer Division (devdiv) team. I will again be telecommuting from Santa Cruz. I’ll be part of a new incubation team composed of Chuck and a few other legendary devdiv veterans (I’m not sure I can say who yet) working on stuff to make accessing Windows Live services easier for developers. In some ways this is a lot like my previous role in the Windows Live team, only on the dev tools side of the coin instead of the services side.

That’s about it for details.  I can honestly answer all further questions with “I don’t know” or “I can’t say.”

We pieced together a few hints on his Facebook page, and although Danny insisted in an email to us that “Hey, you’re talkin to a math major here.  2 + 2 = 5, for sufficiently large values of 2!  ;>”, we think we have an inkling of what he’s working on.  We won’t spill the beans until he has something to announce, but Danny is excited:

“Nothing for public comment just yet, but with any luck we may have something …that will make people’s heads explode.  Damn, this is gonna be fun.  :>”

Welcome back, Danny!