Another One Bites the Dust – Windows Live for TV

With all the news about Windows Live/Live Search products being dropped for good lately we almost forgot to add another one to the list  – one that never made it out of beta. After the first drop of Codename Orbit hit the web back in December 2006 and a little update released the following April it got silent around the promising Windows Live for TV project.


Two weeks ago Chris Lanier spotted a post on TGB that sets an endpoint to this uncertainty for now. Windows Live for TV is dead. The product team has been moved around to a different part of Microsoft and we will most likely not see the product come out of beta – at least that is what a program manager been quoted to say as a source.

At best this could mean that the team has been merged into the Media Center Edition team and that some parts of the software will eventually show up in an upcoming Media Center update (but there have not been any hints about this happening with Fiji for now) – at worst we wont ever hear about any of the features again…

Thanks to Andy for reminding us to post about this….

UPDATE: Now we have an even more official confirmation of this – the beta service is being shut down for good on June 24th according to a post on the team blog.