Live Search adds nice twist to background picture(s)

Just opened up my home page to receive a nice surprise:


… the less than awe-inspiring blue-gray of the home page has been replaced by a background picture.  This would seem to open up a number of opportunities for special occasions, personalization, and or promotions, as well as just brightening up my day a bit.  Maybe all the cold gray weather here in the Pacific Northwest prompted the Live Search team to remind us that the sun does indeed shine somewhere in the world.  If for nothing else but that, thanks!

Of course this isn’t going to have anything to do with market share, or stock prices, or buying or not buying Yahoo!, but truthfully, it looks great.  Good job, Live Search!

Update: In the comments Vasis linked a different homepage image that he saw. Microsoft confirmed to SearchEngine Land that its still in testing, so if you don’t see it yet give it some time.