Windows Live Help Community is now gone too

As I was trying to browse to Windows Live Help Community today, what turned up was not what I expected – Microsoft had silently removed the service and the link now redirects to Windows Live Help. This is the latest Windows Live/Live Search services being dropped. And Like Windows Live for TV, Help Community never made it out of beta.

For those of you who don’t remember, Microsoft released Windows Live Help Community back in December 2006, providing another channel for users to get help for their Windows Live services. However, throughout the lifetime of the service, only three services ever utilized Help Community – that is Windows Live Admin Center (Custom Domains back then), Windows Live Call for Free, and Help Community itself.

As noted back then on LiveSide, there seems to be too many help and feedback channels for Windows Live services, including:

Seems like Microsoft is finally getting their hands on to clean up the mess they’ve created with Windows Live and Live Search.